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project description
Cards of paper with drawn views, used for UX Designn



delivery time:

3 months

scope of work:

online shop/

UX design/

dedicated CMS/






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Tissendale has recently joined the high quality fashion group in Poland. Tailor-made clothes, with a possibility to choose fabric, it's color, lining and buttons: all of it without leaving home. To make all that possible, we have created a dedicated configurator which allows you to design a chosen piece from Tissendale’s collection only in four steps. Moreover, users can save a project on their account or send it as a link to an e-mail address without registration. Designing responsive layouts of all functionalities and adjusting the e-shop itself for tablets and smartphones was a major challenge that we have approached with involvement and intention to do our best. The whole process of e-shop design was built on market analysis and users prototype testing. As a result, during the graphic design phase, we were sure that we were making right decisions which fulfilled the expectations of both users and the brand.

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