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project description
Widok laboratorium zawierającego wszystkie pierwiastki chemiczne możliwe do zakupu przez aplikację
Widok przedstawiający szczegółowy opis karty z pierwiastkiem


Crypto Elements

delivery time:

3 weeks

scope of work:


UX design/

graphic design/


smart contracts/

ethereum network/

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At Kreatywni Kreatywnym, we are not afraid of challenges and technological innovations. We took great pleasure in the challenge of creating a platform based on blockchain technology. Its users can buy unique cards representing elements, scientists and other characters associated with the world of chemistry. Some of the cards have a special function, eg the owner of the scientist's card who discovered the given element receives a commission on transactions carried out on a given element. In addition we have tried to provide as much useful information as possible to the description of each of the cards. The application is based on Ethereum blockchain. Its logic is described through Smart Contract, it ensures that transactions are performed by meeting certain rules that can not be changed!

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