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Ann UX & graphic designer

I take care of good design. I create images from lines and dots: with a computer mouse, not with a paintbrush. I do photography and make films. I will spot out every unnecessary dot and dust in an image. I know the difference between a font and a typeface. Sometimes, I am so engaged in a project that I can't notice Rafał drinking my coffee! My heart beats quicker when a new challenge is on the horizon. I'm in love with UX design. This strong feeling led me to the knowledge of how to investigate the needs of potential clients and the business properly. This knowledge allows me to design projects which unite aesthetics, functionality and usability.

Rafał about Ann: her design process begins with making herself some coffee, tea, and taking a glass of water. Sometimes I take a sip of it. A sip of coffee, not of water. She's got a great eye – that's her trump.

Rafał web developer

I am a magician: I know how to conjure up graphic design out of a code. I bring projects to live after Ann made them so zestfully that I could secretly drink her coffee. My part of the job is to make sure that all concepts of a project are feasible to you and your customer. I put simplicity and intuitiveness in the first place. I keep order in every single line of a code (contrary to the limited chaos on my desk). I know how to talk to robots, especially to those ran by uncle G. But don't be afraid: I definitely prefer to talk to people. Beside being a web developer, I like to call myself a chef: the chef of the kitchen!

Ann about Rafał: He is soooo into programming! And, luckily for me, into cooking too! It is only thanks to his delicious dinners that I can count on everyday supplies of energy needed to work. But still, the best place for Rafał is at front*!

* ENFJ – Extremely Not Funny Joke by Ann. “Front” refers to front-end development (programming of the visual layer of a website).