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project description
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Wizytówki Joanna Podskarbi


Sylwia Morawska

delivery time:

2 weeks

scope of work:


UX design/

graphic design/


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Sylwia Morawska is a professional fashion stylist. She took a part in many photoshoots which were published in well known magazines, such as L’OFFICIEL. We are lucky to know her privately and we had a chance to create web portfolio - her business card summing up her numerous achievements. The main goal of the design was to present large amount of projects which were stylized by Sylwia. We took into consideration all expectations she had in an overview opening the website, which shows the full range of Sylwia’s work. Results of every project she made is presented in a simple, horizontal gallery with a detailed descriptions. Intro animation and loader were created to add dynamics to the minimalistic aesthetics of the portfolio.

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