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project description
Wizytówki Agi Karolak odpakowane z czarnej folii
Logotyp Aga Karolak Make Me Up
Roll Up Aga Karolak Make Me Up
Discount voucher Aga Karolak Make Me Up


Aga Karolak

delivery time:

3 weeks

scope of work:

visual identification/


business card/



Visage is a real art these days. Modern techniques of work in this profession require constant training from artists. Aga Karolak is a professional make-up artist who specializes in eyelash styling techniques. Hard work, passion and experience - gained thanks to hundreds of satisfied clients - resulted in the 1st place in the international Climag competition in Paris and winning at the LashMe championship. The visual identification of Aga Karolak had to be unique and fulfill a specific vision. We decided on a minimalist, elegant design that emphasizes the professionalism of her work. In addition to the logo, we have also designed business cards, a roll-up and a discount voucher.

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